Other Services

ZGL is a company with experience in electrical maintenance testing, acceptance testing and engineering evaluations of electrical equipments. ZGL serve major utility, industrial and commercial client needs and provide engineering services. We offer one stop solution to all of your plant Electrical I & T issues.

Our I & T Division offering third party Asset Management solutions and delivering Engineering products and services for electrical assets during plant commissioning and outages. We have tools for performing  the best practices of I & T at your site. ZGL also provide Shutdown Services, Commissioning Services & Consultancy.

ZGL provide Transformer Oil Services as well delivering reliable customized and cost effective solutions. We are offering transformer oil testings as per applicable standards and dehydration with imported plants.

ZGL offers Thermography services on the Assets of your desire. Equipment is scanned  while normal load is running and infrared scans determine the significance of hot spots found in equipments.

  • Inspection & Complete Testing of Grids, Switchyards and Electrical equipment
  • Repair, Maintenance & Complete overhauling of Transformers / Switchgear
  • Troubleshooting of Transformer & Switchgear
  • Dehydration / Filtration of Grid Power / Distribution Transformers
  • Transformer Oil and Complete Testing and Analysis Lab
  • Complete Commissioning of Electrical stations
  • Energy Meter Calibrations
  • Energy Audits/ Management
  • Periodic Electric Inspection as per Electricity rules, Energy Department, Punjab